Re-inventing entertainment online

Would you like to entertain online?

  • We are a group of musicians and entertainers who have been deeply effected by the closure of venues.
  • Our aim is to bring light into peoples lives by providing live entertainment into peoples homes to help lift the spirits of those affected by the current restrictions
  • We have successfully held zoom parties, charity fund raisers and brought much needed entertainment into isolated communities
  • If you would like to join us, there is currently no fee to join and if you get paid gigs you keep your fees
  • Free help and advice is available to get you set for high quality live performances
  • So join us for FREE today. 


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Note:- These are tough times and so this web service is offered completely free of charge to struggling artists. 
Patrons of the arts, if you would like to make a contribution towards our running and promotional costs we would of course be very grateful. 

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